Personalized Portrait Paintings
by Shelley Lowell
Each commissioned painting
has a story. To read about
 Shelley's paintings, go to 

To order or get a quote 
for your custom painting, 
contact Shelley at 

My favorite Links

Here's a link to a video of Shelley Lowell talking about her painting, "Regression", at
the 40th Annual Ridgefield Guild of Artists 40th Annual Exhibition's Walk & Talk
on October 1, 2017. Enjoy! "Like" if you like it! Thank you.

Pet Heaven
Everything you need to make your pet a happy pet!

PS Animal Communications

Patty Summers gives me intuitive advice about my pets
concerning their health and/or behavior issues. Patty has been my consultant since 1999.
I highly recommend her when your pet has a problem and you need to know
what's going on with your pet from your pet's perspective.
In helping your pet in this way, you enhance your relationship with your 4-legged companion.
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